How to overcome the losing streak
How to overcome the losing streak

How to overcome the losing streak

How to overcome a losing streak

It’s no secret that our life is like a zebra — composed of a series of black and white stripes. And one can only hope that you are moving toward the zebra’s head. But when the black streak lasts too long, it gets hard to stay optimistic, doesn’t it? This concept applies to bitcoin gambling as well: everybody likes to win, nobody likes to lose. But even when playing at the best bitcoin casinos, everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced player, faces a lingering losing streak, so we’d like to share some tips on how to overcome it.

The Right Mindset

When making a deposit, imagine that it is already lost to you and see this money as payment for the entertainment that is gambling. That way, if you lose it won’t be as unpleasant, but if you win it will make you doubly happy.

Be patient

You need to remain patient. Yes, easy to say, but the trick is that in gambling, losing is an integral part on the way to big winnings. It’s a matter of simple math: the longer you lose, the better your chances of winning next time (statistically). Regardless, practice shows that this approach does not always work in a short period of time, but can even aggravate the situation, so that you lose control and make deposit after deposit trying to win back everything at once. So instead of making three deposits in one day, try making one deposit a day for three days in a row. Even a break of a few hours can be helpful.

Share your losses.

Do you think you are the biggest loser in the world? Well, no, there are plenty of us! Go to appropriate section of any forum or chat room dedicated to cryptocurrency — there are plenty of players who suffer from the same problem. Tell your own story, listen to others, you will feel better knowing you are not alone. Finding a bitcoin casino with a chat room is also a good option.

Make a change

If you feel like you’re going in circles, try playing a different casino and/or a different game. There are plenty of high quality bitcoin and altcoin casinos that offer an impressive variety of games. By becoming attached to one site or game you are isolating yourself from the new experiences another casino has to offer. Moreover, the golden rule of investment, diversification, seems to work for gambling as well: it often happens that the money you lost in one casino is successfully recouped in another.

Good mood

Don’t sit down to gamble if you are not in the mood and, indeed, if you are in a bad mood. You are likely to make things worse, as gambling requires a clear mind. And losses are better tolerated when you are in a good mood.

We have listed some tips on how best to cope with losses in casinos, which help us and hopefully will be useful to you as well. And, of course, good luck!